"Within all of us lies a person waiting to be re-born.
When we allow the labor pains to begin -
What emerges is beyond our wildest dreams."

Sondra Nettles-Lechebo, MS, CEAP

"An extraordinary, effective speaker and trainer. Highly professional, well organized, clear and cogent, Sondra is very personable and has the ability to connect to her audience."
Dr. Patrice Woeppel, Regional Vice President, Operations, Psychiatric Management Resources, Inc.. Dallas, Texas (Retired)

A desire to find her purpose in life led Sondra to tap into her inner self to discover the answer. As a result SN-L Consulting emerged. Sondra's decision to serve others as a trainer, facilitator, presenter and contract human resource provider was inspired by her desire to follow her passion.

Her special gift is to inspire and empower her audience to reach their dreams through a process which enables them to recognize and honor their unique gifts and talents. This process provides individuals with insights to help them realize their greatest power and potential comes from within.

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