"One of the most talented trainers in the business and a master counselor. She is deeply motivating and has a sincere approach to helping others achieve personal growth. I have been positively changed as a result of participating in one of her sessions. An exceptional woman."
Peggy Harvey-Lee, Director of Counseling and Advisement, Monroe Community College, Rochester, New York

Sondra Nettles-Lechebo (resume) is an accomplished director, trainer, facilitator and presenter. She has delivered hundreds of presentations to education, business, human service, spiritual, and community groups.

She is also a human resource professional and an independent contract trainer. Her work with companies and organizations includes, staff development and training, critical incident management, performance coaching for managers and supervisors, facilitation, and employee assistance programming.  She has held the position of Project Director, Director of Counseling, Human Resource Director, and Deputy Director of Organizational Performance.

Sondra is the sole proprietor of SN-L Consulting, an independent training and consulting business. She has a Bachelor of Science in Social Work and Master of Science degree in Education. Sondra is a Certified Employee Assistance Professional (CEAP).

She is recognized as being a self-starter, organized, creative, courageous, positive, and a visionary in her approach. Sondra focuses on helping individuals and organizations reach their full potential.

* Resume prepared by Influential Leader. 585.865.0818.